Voluntari.ly is a charitable initiative by the Pam Fergusson Charitable Trust, a registered New Zealand Charity and who are the creators of the award winning initiative OMGTech!

We are building Voluntari.ly to be a self sustaining operation within 3 years and require sponsorship to support us in the first two years.

We are looking for sponsorship from New Zealand corporates and philanthropic organisations who want to see volunteer time better used to help teach children in schools and create the next generation of technology innovators. Our initial supporters are the Big Shift group of companies lead by Datacom and includes Microsoft, Xero, The Ministry of Education and many others.

Sponsorship enables us to build the Voluntari.ly platform and to staff the initiative with people to run it.

The outcome will be to connect every classroom in New Zealand with experts from industry to teach STEAM subjects with the help of leading content providers. Our goal is to have 1,000’s of volunteers in classrooms helping teach in 2020.

Be a corporate partner

We are looking for corporate partners to help us fund the first two years of operation for Voluntari.ly. As a partner you help shape the platform and have early access to it to make a significant change to NZ schools and inspire kids.

You will have free access to Voluntari.ly and will reduce the burden of managing corporate volunteer time, so this offsets your sponsorship with real cost savings. Plus you will be delivering more on your corporate responsibility programmes.

We are looking for a small group of key partners to help us launch Voluntari.ly.

Or are you an individual or organisation that just wants to make a donation to help? Any amount helps.

Make an Individual Donation

About The Pam Fergusson Charitable Trust.

The Pam Fergusson Charitable Trust was founded by Vaughan Fergusson and his brothers to honour their mother. They created it to pay forward what she did for them when they were young. Pam Fergusson, an unemployed paraplegic solo mother of three, took out a loan and bought a computer in the early 80s when they were expensive and uncommon. But she thought they would be big!

That computer led Vaughan and his brothers on to careers in technology, notably Vaughan founding retail software global leader, Vend.

The trust’s focus is about enabling the next generation of innovators in New Zealand and runs other initiatives like OMGTech!, e-Pou, Hour of Code, Kaiwhanake Taupānga Māori game development and the Institute of Awesome.