June 2019 - Updates and Upcoming Events !!!!

Kia ora e te Whanau !!!!!!


Before we get started with this months update!!!!!
HAPPY MATARIKI : The Maori New Year ( Matariki : Te Tau Hou Maori)

To find more about Matariki checkout this link :



Here at Voluntar.ily we have been busy and with that being said we have a more features !!! So sit back and relax and hear our very own “Walt Lim” share to you about what has been happening!

Voluntar.ily Bio of the Month !

June’s Bio of the month is Walter Lim. Read about what Walter does for Voluntar.ily and his answers to our FAST 5 QUESTIONS


Walt Lim

1. What do you do for Voluntar.ily?

I do UX design, Front-end dev, and a bit of everything around the org

2. What did you study?

I studied a Bachelor of Creative Technologies at AUT University where I learned how to design and code cool stuff.

3. What do you love about Voluntar.ily?

With the advent of the new digital technologies curriculum in NZ, I saw voluntarily as an effective way to bring the industry to the classroom. I’ve done a lot of volunteering in the past, and am trying to make it easier if you want to do more volunteering as well.

5. If you could go back in time , What advice would you give to a younger Walt that you wish you heard back in the day ?

Make more weird crap with tech and play fewer videogames.

Eteroa Lafaele